Bottling for Processed Vegetable & Fruits

Vacuum Filler is suitable for filling liquid or thick products, with or without pieces into 
metal can, glass jars, plastic cups and so on, especially for filling into the container that is prefilled with the solid product, such as beans, mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, etc.

The vacuum filler consists of four filling phases: vacuum, fill, vacuum-fill and vent to atmosphere. The length of each phase can be adjusted easily and flexibility on the touch panel. The 
special designed valves remove all the air inside the containers to improve the preservation conditions of the product.

The headspace can be controlled easily by adjusting the thickness of 
silicon washer inside the filling valve. That enables this system to accurately fill with the optimum headspace and keep the product quality.

This system is standard equipped with a complete vacuum system including the vacuum pump, vacuum tank, product return pump and piping connection. The vacuum system is connected to the filler by a fully automatic electrical signal control. Signal alarms such as "No Vacuum No Fill" and "Low Vacuum Alarm" are available to ensure the quality of 
final product and achieve high reliability, easy operation and maintenance.
liquid bottling system / Beverage Canning Lines