for Carbonated Drinks / beverage bottling system

Our CSD bottling system can be used for both cold and hot filling of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages including carbonated water, coke, lemonade, energy drink, sport drink etc. and for all different shapes, materials and sizes of bottles.

The design of
bevelled filling valve reduces foam causing and ensures best filling quality. By simplifying the complicated structure of filling valve, this filler ensures complete cleanliness and low maintenance charge.  

Undercover gasser is a standard accessory for this canning system which helps to minimize the air in the headspace by replacing with carbon dioxide (CO2).

In order to facilitate control to the operation, a
user friendly touchscreen control panel is available. Also, the entire system is designed for easier operation and maintenance even for the beginner.

In order to prevent the product from being contaminated, the bottling system is completely covered with stainless steel. Also, to keep the cleanness of the ground, this system is equipped with water
colleting trough which collects and discharges the filling content or cleaning liquid into sewer.

Bottle rinsing, filling, and capping, three functions are connected perfectly. Our three in one bottling system minimizes the space needed and reduces energy consumption and pollution caused. Connecting the three units closer to each other also decrease the situation of
bottle falling, which enable the system to perform stably under high speed production and further improves hygiene quality and manufacturing efficiency.

beverage bottling system / Beverage Canning Lines