Robotic Case Packer


Fastest cycle times and highest payload in robot class.
Throughput can reach up to 40 cycles per minute. 
Very flexible for multiple product lines and for future product changes.
Ability to service multiple production lines with large working envelope(wrist rotation centre).
Proven, reliable servo drives provide highest uptime and productivity.
Large allowable load of inertias meet a variety of heavy handling chanllenges.
Gentle product handling and high picking accuracy, effectively minimize the error.
Small footprint and integrated controller reduces required floor space
Ability to customize the footprint for many applications.
Easily integrated with case erector and case sealer to provide fully automated packing system solution.
Easily integrated with case erectors, case sealers, conveyor systems, labelers, and fully integrated controls packages to provide a turnkey solution.
Human-Computer Interaction Design

Robot Arms Brand:

Yaskawa, ABB, Fanuc etc.

Processing Capacity:

250 bottle/min

Operation Control:

English/ Japanese screen display system

Packaging Material:

Can, PE, PET, Glass Bottle and Tetra Pak