Shrink Sleeve Machine

This labeling system applies shrink sleeves on containers of various shapes and materials. Not only can it apply full bottle shrink sleeve, this system also applies shrink sleeve labels for bottle cap, bottle body, and partial bottle body with fixed position.

Our shrink sleeve machine is suitable for containers for a variety of products including wine, beverage, diary product, food, oil, medicines, chemicals, and sundries etc.


► Speed: 600bpm in Maximum
► Label Material: PVC
► Label Thickness: 0.04mm~0.08mm
► Use the latest
high speed servo control system, ensures stable and precise labeling under the high speed operation
User friendly touchscreen controls
► Both the printed and clear shrinkable films are suitable for this machine
► With two sleeve cutting mode available (Precise Cutting Point and Cutting Length Mode), easy to switch from one to the other.
► All the blades/tapers installed are easy to be replaced.      


► Accumulating Unwind.
► Dryer.